Steel efficiencies in action

Construction kicked off on the Latrobe Valley GovHub project in late 2019. Scheduled for completion in late 2020, the purpose-built facility will be home to 300 workers, including 200 new local public sector jobs.

This video from Dynamic Steel Frame shows the test lift at the company’s factory of a prototype for the Victorian project.  The purpose of the test lift was to ensure the Dynamic team was happy with how the element would lift before initiating the full clad lift.

Dynamic Steel Frame Managing Director told Built Offsite the project comprised a structural steel building with concrete infill floors, whose entire facade was constructed using Truecore prefabricated elements.

“The methodology allowed the façade to be attached to the building in one hour,” he said. “In addition to saving more than $1million in scaffolding, this approach resulted in enormous time savings.  To build this manually would mean months and months and months of fiddly work at heights.”

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