Covid-19 has undoubtedly resulted in unprecedented challenges for builders, subcontractors, suppliers and developers in delivering projects. Locally as elsewhere across the globe, healthcare has been a burgeoning area of demand. Canberra company Aspen Medical, which specialises in delivering medical care in challenging circumstances, was recently contracted to put a field hospital together to add around 50 beds to the ACT’s Covid 19 capability. Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see who emerges from the crisis with similarly innovative ideas.

On the subject of innovation, the AU$131m Building 4.0 CRC initiative recently launched, with the aim of leveraging digital systems, new products and processes aiming to transform Australia’s building industry. With outfits such as Katerra in the US having gained such prominence in recent (pre-pandemic) times, one participant interviewed by Built Offsite for our soon-to-be-released magazine edition, outlined the potential for a future building industry with a different approach. Rather than envisioning an industry characterised by big vertically integrated players, Building 4.0 CRC has the potential to foster interoperability between different players in the industry. This is a worthy objective, and one that’s well suited to Australia’s small, remote but diverse and highly resourceful offsite industry.


Managing Editor

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