London Heathrow Airport is scouting for sites for new logistics hubs which designed to build as much of expanded Heathrow offsite as possible, reducing the cost and environmental impacts of the project and spreading jobs across UK.

As part of the off-site process, Heathrow is planning to build four logistics hubs across the UK which will manufacture or collect components for transportation to the airport by rail. Heathrow invited organisations to demonstrate how their business could contribute to the infrastructure project.

Sixty-five sites have been visited as part of Heathrow’s list of potential partners and the shortlist will be revealed early 2019. Originally 121 sites expressed an interest in the development project.

Offsite construction was selected as the best opportunity to make the project more affordable and sustainable by transporting assembled components in consolidated loads.

It is also understood the hubs are integral to ensuring that the entirety of the UK can benefit from the expansion of the airport.

Emma Gilthorpe, Expansion Executive Director at Heathrow, reportedly described the move as part of a bigger play to transform the British construction industry as a whole in the lead-up to Brexit.■

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