Dynamic Pods is an offshoot of light gauge steel manufacturer Dynamic Steel Frame, which, according to Managing Director Peter Blythe, has capitalised on decades of manufacturing and industry experience to release its bathroom pod solution.

The result of the company’s proven form in the construction space is a pod solution that has responded to many of the pain points presented by comparable products, says Blythe.

Key points of difference offered by Dynamic Pods include a highly customisable profile and a unique innovation in the form of an integrated waste plumbing solution housed within a patent-protected cast-in lid. Meanwhile Dynamic Pods’ unique “No-Rebate No-Threshold” design enables the pods to be used across the full range of applications and requires less onsite pre-work than traditional pods, says Blythe, resulting in standout speed and efficiency gains.

“Onsite time and labour are significantly reduced when Dynamic Pods are a part of a construction project,” he says. “A bathroom, including waste plumbing, electrical and mechanical services, can be connected on site in less than 30 minutes. The manufacturing process optimises all facets of your bathroom, reducing wastage, material over orders, and time to completion.”

“Dynamic Pods use state-of-the-art light gauge steel frames with millimetre value accuracy to ensure total repeatability.” The light gauge steel frame exterior is pre-punched for electrical and plumbing services, using Australian made Bluescope Truecore Steel. The Dynamic Pods Cast-in Lid integrates waste plumbing works during the concrete pour, significantly reducing onsite plumbing works. Each pod’s flooring system is graded to Australian standards and all pods come with a full WaterMark certification.”

Dynamic Pods provides a 3D modelling service to optimise bathroom pods during the early stages of architectural design, interfacing early on with project teams to establish design, scheduling, manufacture, delivery and then completion.

“We pride ourselves on paying special attention to economies of scale, working towards client project profit outcomes. For projects further along in their build, we can design Dynamic Pods to clients’ requirements. 3D modelling can customise Dynamic Pods for almost any size and shape.”

“Once we receive the design from the client, our teams develop a 3D model, before working with the client to select the preferred pod. The design can then be customised in a 3D model to the requirements of the client’s build. Designing an exact replica of your Dynamic Pod also gives the client a visualisation of their projected outcome. If required, we can even construct a prototype Dynamic Pod for test installation.” Peter Blythe, Managing Director, Dynamic Pods.

Dynamic Pods are proving their value with clients due to their flexible floor layouts, enabling the integration of service rises, kitchenettes, laundries, wardrobes, linen closets and even angled walls. Rather than a “cookie cutter” approach to pod design, a key point of difference lies in the “freedom to design bespoke high-end bathrooms, medical grade hospital health care facilities, student accommodation, and a myriad of other styles of pod.”

“We work with clients to establish a time line following their critical path to maximise speed and control during the manufacturing process. Dynamic Pod’s teams works with client teams to consider the requirements of site accessibility, installation and a seamless transition from factory floor to connection.”

In terms of supply chain and inventory management, Blythe confirms the company tailors the supply chain to suit clients’ requirements. The company can offer either a fully integrated supply package or utilise clients’ existing material procurement teams to leverage buying power or industry relationships.

Dynamic Pods’ commitment to quality plays an integral role in its forward strategy, says Blythe.

“We’re committed to achieving ever increasing levels of customer satisfaction through continual improvements in the quality of our products and services. We’ve worked very hard to instil a culture of ‘getting it right, first time’ in terms of our design and manufacture. The other area in which I believe we strive to excel is in listening to client requirements and really drilling down in terms of what that means for the finished product.”

In order to meet its commitment to quality, Dynamic Pods has an ongoing focus on technical competence; periodic training is a central tenet of the business, while the company also continuously reviews and upgrades its systems, policies and procedures.

“The company is structured so that management is responsible and accountable for quality performance. And quality performance must be assured throughout the supply chain system.” Dynamic Pods also has a proven commitment to optimising environmental outcomes.

“We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our operations; making the most efficient use of natural resources and energy; integrating environmental management with all business processes; making our employees accountable for environmental performance, while at the same time ensuring employees have a clear understanding of those responsibilities. Dynamic Pods boast better sustainably than traditional construction due to significant reductions in: material requirements, waste, onsite labour, heavy machinery; transportation of materials; overall project projected cost; project times.”

Safety is also at the forefront of the pods’ manufacturing operation. “Building offsite, potential hazards are more visible than on a busy construction site, making it easy to identify and resolve. And just as Dynamic Pods are designed to enhance site health and safety outcomes for the company’s clients, health and safety of employees is also critical. Management is responsible and accountable for the company’s performance in health and safety and we firmly adhere to the idea that excellence in health and safety supports excellent business results.”

Apartment scheme The Wallace in West Melbourne used 88 bathroom pods.
Apartment scheme The Wallace in West Melbourne used 88 bathroom pods.
Apartment scheme The Wallace in West Melbourne used 88 bathroom pods.
Apartment scheme The Wallace in West Melbourne used 88 bathroom pods.
Once delivered to site, a Dynamic Pods bathroom, including waste plumbing,
electrical + mechanical services, can be connected in less than 30 minutes.
Once delivered to site, a Dynamic Pods bathroom, including waste plumbing, electrical + mechanical services, can be connected in less than 30 minutes.


Dynamic Pods is targeting the full gamut of industry sectors with its solution, from multi residential encompassing mid- and
high-rise to town-houses, large scale domestic projects, hotels, hospitals + healthcare, aged care and student accommodation.

Recently completed projects include The Wallace, 88 Bathroom Pods – in West Melbourne; 33 North, 73 bathroom pods – in North Melbourne; the Adina Hotel – 230 bathroom pods – in South Bank; Prime Tower, 69 bathroom pods – in South Yarra and B-Brunswick, 96 bathroom pods – in Brunswick.

“We believe Dynamic Pods offer building projects a fast, efficient and cost effective solution that is already making its mark on in the construction space,” says Blythe. “We’ve already made a mark in the residential sector, but with our leading edge installation system and reduced onsite costs and project times, we have the capability to deliver superior quality and profitability for project across the full spectrum of project types.” ■

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