ARKit delivers modular housing for Haven Home Safe

First modular homes built by ARKit for Haven Home Safe arrive in Horsham.

The first of 25 dwellings for the Homes Victoria and Haven Home Safe (HHS) social housing project in Horsham, Victoria, built by modular builder, ARKIt, arrived at site on March 29. The units, constructed with ARKit’s prefabricated modular system, require only minimal internal works left to be completed onsite. (credit all pics: ARKit.)

The Homes Victoria and Haven Home Safe social housing project aims to address the pressing need for affordable housing in regional Victoria. The project is a collaborative effort between Homes Victoria, a government agency focused on providing safe and affordable housing, and Haven Home Safe, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to ending homelessness.

The use of prefabricated modular construction for this project offers several advantages. Prefabricated modules are constructed offsite in a controlled environment, which ensures high quality and reduces construction time. This method also minimises disruption to the local community and allows for efficient use of resources.

The completion of the installation marks the beginning of the final phase of the project, with internal works to be completed onsite before the dwellings are ready for occupation. Once finished, these homes will provide much-needed accommodation for individuals and families in need, offering a safe and comfortable living environment.

HHS’s decision to utilise volumetric modular construction for the affordable housing development was a strategic response to the unique challenges in Horsham, particularly the scarcity of skilled trades. A comprehensive tender process, involving both traditional and modular builders, led to the selection of ARKit who were distinguished by their competitive pricing and all-encompassing service. Their proposal, including all site and civil works, was found to be more efficient and cost-effective than that of traditional onsite builders, with their tender being approximately 8% lower in cost.

Jack Haber, Head of Development at HHS, highlighted the significance of modular development. “Regardless of whether manufacturers supply a flat-pack kit of parts, frames, and trusses, or volumetric solutions, the key to wider developer acceptance of prefab for multi-residential projects lies in the industry’s ability to genuinely address and solve real customer issues. For us, this involves evolving from being mere suppliers to offering a comprehensive licensed contractor service.”

HHS’s approach not only ensures a streamlined construction process but also meets the growing demand for efficient, sustainable, and high-quality housing solutions. For Haber, the Horsham project is more than just building homes; it’s about pioneering new standards in the construction industry and demonstrating the potential of modern methods of construction (MMC) to effectively tackle the housing crisis.

The Homes Victoria and Haven Home Safe social housing project is a clear affirmation of the effectiveness of modular construction in delivering affordable housing solutions. As the project progresses, it is hoped that it will serve as a model for future developments, demonstrating the viability of prefabricated modular construction in addressing the housing needs of communities across Victoria.

Valued at $8.1 million, the project is part of the $5.3 billion Big Housing Build funded by Homes Victoria.




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