CLOS Cross Laminated Offsite Solutions construction

Offsite manufacturing plant recipient of Vic Government funding

Cross Laminated Offsite Solutions (CLOS) secures funding to share offsite manufacturing methodology.

Opened in mid-2019 and situated near Geelong, Cross Laminated Offsite Solutions (CLOS Offsite manufacturing) have established a business and design philosophy of delivering flexible prefabricated solutions (offsite timber solutions) for each project.

Managing Director John Fitzgibbon said he sees CLOS as an opportunity to complement and enhance the existing supply chain for offsite timber solutions.

“I’ve spent a lot of my career working in the tier 1 construction space, particularly working on high rise developments and I see the opportunity to collaborate with other players in the nascent offsite supply chain for timber products. I think there’s a real opportunity to value add, not just for CLT but also across other product types including LVL, Glulam and lightweight MGP.”

ABOVE: John Fitzgibbon, Founder & Director, CLOS.

John’s know-how in offsite construction materials and methodology has been recognised by the Victorian Government with Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change Lily D’Ambrosio last week announcing that his company is one of the latest round of recipients of the $2.9 million Recycling Victoria Innovation Fund.

They’ve received $150,000 to share how their innovative prefabrication of housing components – including floor, wall, and roof panels – is faster, cheaper and cuts waste.

CLOS will demonstrate to builders how its offsite construction method reduces structural build time by 50 per cent, overall build time by 25 per cent and waste materials by an estimated 50 per cent, compared to traditional onsite methods.

Panels prefabricated in CLOS’s Avalon factory will be used to construct 26 townhouses on Geelong’s waterfront, and the net-zero dwellings will be made available to families in need, using a shared-equity finance model.

CLOS is also a signatory of the GROW Geelong compact and member of the GWYLF. GROW is a joint regional initiative between Give Where You Live Foundation and G21 – Geelong Region Alliance.

GROW Geelong sets out to align the efforts so we can tackle the place-based disadvantage that stems from joblessness and improve the economic and social prosperity of the whole G21 region.

CLOS Offsite manufacturing employs from some of the more disadvantaged regional areas in Geelong.

“We know builders appreciate working with a company that can deliver solutions to clients’ requirements and have the skills to ensure that each project is delivered effectively on site. That’s the kind of comprehensive service we offer,” said Fitzgibbon.


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