Precast panel - jewel in a bushland crown

Since its original construction in the 1960’s, the precast panel Mahon Pool in Maroubra has become a popular swimming location for both tourists and locals alike.

A short drive south-west of Sydney, the precast panel Mahon Pool amenities block has seen a light and inviting redevelopment from an original 1960’s public toilet block.

Designed by renowned Lahznimmo architects, the redeveloped amenities block integrates both structural and cosmetic precast elements that reference the rocky landscape that surrounds. To further maintain this consistency between the exquisite built form and natural context, extensive landscaping and walkways extend outwards from the building.

National Precast Master Precaster, Wager Constructions was engaged for the manufacturing and installation of the building’s precast panel elements, which form both a new clubroom, toilets, change rooms, showers, and parents’ room.

Wager Constructions supplied and installed 36 concrete precast panels of varying dimensions in an exposed aggregate finish. Each precast panel exhibits a natural luster from the specified Eyre Peninsula rose granite aggregate and oxide. This deliberate choice of aggregate, oxide and finish highlights the extensive possibilities of precast concrete and has provided a cohesive and contextual project. Additionally, Wager Constructions manufactured an installed custom-formed, sandblasted seating elements.

Because precast is manufactured in a factory-controlled environment, the quality and consistency is superior to in-situ concrete methods. The structural integrity and long-term durability of precast panel elements is imperative for projects in harsh climates, such as the sea-fronted Mahon Pool. Furthermore, precast panel concrete speeds construction programmes, improves site safety by removing site activity to a controlled environment, plus minimises costs associated with onsite labor, inefficiencies, and time delays, all whilst maintain a high quality, consistent outcome.

The new precast panel Mahon Pool amenities provide a future-proofed and safe shelter for locals and tourists alike. It is truly a jewel that is nestled in a crown of costal scrub.

Project: Mahon Pool Amenities Block
Location: Maroubra, NSW
Master Precaster: Waeger Constructions
Client: Randwick City Council
Architect: Lahznimmo
Builder: Currenti Constructions.

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