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LATEST NEWS February 2024

Queensland is grappling with a significant housing challenge as the influx of tens of thousands of new residents strains the existing system. In response, the state government has unveiled an ambitious initiative, 'Homes for Queenslanders', aiming to expedite the development of 1 million new homes by 2046, with 53,500 of these designated as... READ MORE
A report published last week by Homelessness NSW and presented to The New South Wales Government paints a dire picture of the state’s homelessness crisis. The data underscores the urgent need for immediate intervention to increase the supply of homes across the state, with a focus on social and affordable housing. (main pic:... READ MORE
A recent report by NAB and CoreLogic, titled the Australian Housing Accessibility Challenge, suggests that a pickup in dwelling approvals and a reduction in construction costs could help ease the nation's housing crisis. The report highlights signs of the construction sector "turning a corner," with a gradual rise in dwelling approvals and a... READ MORE
Researchers in Austria have developed a new modular heat pump façade system designed for retrofitting multi-family apartment buildings. The modular façade-integrated R290 split-type heat pump, created by a team from the University of Innsbruck, may well provide an alternative to traditional gas boilers for domestic hot water production in apartment buildings. According to... READ MORE
The traditional method of constructing buildings from scratch on-site can be both time-consuming and costly. However, a new approach involving factory-built modular structures is gaining traction. A novel technology, developed at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology by Dr. Seok-Ho Lim and Dr. Joon-Soo Chung, pushes this concept further by... READ MORE
In Maasland, a small village near Rotterdam, Netherlands, the MOOS Euterpe housing project is underway. This initiative, a collaboration between MOOS and the architectural firm Concrete, aims to provide high-quality modular homes for all. (Pics: Moos by Concrete) MOOS, which stands for "In the Middle Of Our Street," seeks to create a community... READ MORE



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