Western Australia’s construction industry needs offsite construction transformation to meet housing and net zero targets

Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre report: “The government should pilot new contracting approaches for public projects and invest in offsite and modular construction”.
A recent report by the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre highlights the urgent need for transformation within Western Australia's construction sector. The 'Building the Dream: The Future of Western Australia's Construction Industry' report warns that without significant changes, the state will... READ MORE

prefabAUS presents Offsite 2024: Australia’s premier offsite construction conference

A smarter way of building on the agenda for Australian homes: prefabAUS annual conference.
When: 28-29 August, 2024Where: Waterview in Bicentennial Park, Sydney Olympic Park.Register: HERE prefabAUS, the leading industry body for prefabricated building in Australia, is excited to announce Offsite 2024, scheduled for 28-29 August in Sydney. This annual conference is a key... READ MORE

Transforming Construction: Digital engineering, modular construction, and offsite manufacturing for the future

Digital engineering, modern methods of construction, and offsite manufacturing are key to the future of construction, according to a report by the Laing O’Rourke Centre for Construction Engineering and Technology.
The construction industry has long been anticipated to evolve into a highly productive, technologically advanced, low-carbon sector. However, this transformation has been slower than expected. The newly released report, "Transforming Construction," from the University of Cambridge's Laing O’Rourke Centre for... READ MORE

Malaysia’s Net Zero ‘Twelfth Plan’ to boost modular construction; Australia’s Net Zero Plan modular construction plan exists in the ether

Australia’s Net Zero Plan modular construction plan is unclear while the Malaysian Government’s net zero plan highlights and commits to modular construction.
Malaysia’s twelfth ‘Malaysia Plan’ (12MP) aims to accelerate modular construction as part of its broader strategy to achieve net zero by 2050. This initiative comes at a time when Australia's Climate Change Authority (CCA) is also providing independent advice to... READ MORE

MUTOIS brings origami to modular construction

Modular construction and origami unite in promising new research, resulting in MUTOIS.
Origami has always fascinated with its intricate designs, but turning these delicate paper folds into robust, practical structures has been a significant challenge, until now. Researchers at the University of Michigan have developed the Modular and Uniformly Thick Origami-Inspired Structure... READ MORE

Korea Land & Housing Corp. embraces modular construction for future growth

Modular construction enjoys Korean Government backing with significant modular projects underway.
Korea Land & Housing Corp. (LH) is embracing modular construction to lower defect risks and shorten construction periods for residential and commercial buildings. They’re taking the initiative and driving the country towards modular construction as they see their role, as... READ MORE

Is Australia heading towards a panelised or volumetric building future?

The race is on for Australia’s state governments to determine their policy on offsite construction.
Australia's construction sector appears to be navigating a pivotal moment as it positions itself for broad adoption of offsite construction methods, specifically volumetric modular construction versus panelised construction. Each method brings distinct advantages and challenges, prompting a nuanced consideration of... READ MORE

Prefabricated construction focus of National Building Ministers meeting

Quarterly National Building Ministers meeting highlights regulatory support for prefabricated construction methods and innovation in the sector.
On 21 June 2024, the Building Ministers Meeting convened to set the priorities for the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) for the upcoming year. The ABCB is responsible for creating and maintaining national standards for building design, construction, and performance... READ MORE

NSW’s Studio Kite expands from building props to 3D-printed houses using waste plastic

Collaboration between Southern Cross University and Studio Kite sees the launch of 3D-printed ‘plastic’ houses.
An Australian partnership between industry and academia is seeking to reuse mountains of plastic waste by creating 3D-printed ‘plastic’ houses. Southern Cross University in Lismore and local model manufacturer Studio Kite are collaborating to use plastic waste, previously destined for... READ MORE

Can the inclusion of Smart Home features encourage consumers to buy modular homes?

Modular home builders could capitalise on Smart Home trends, says Samsung research.
Samsung’s BNB Integrated Offering’s Smart Home Buyer Index (SHBI) 2024 reveals a significant trend: consumers are willing to spend an average of $40,000 to transform their homes into smart homes. This data points to a burgeoning market, with 79% of... READ MORE

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