Hydronic Shell Technologies wins USD $3M grant for modular façade panel innovation

Modular facade panels are being developed by Hydronic Shell Technologies for retrofitting buildings.
At Built Offsite we love innovation in all things modular. Recently, we featured a startup that’s developing modular facade panels with built-in insulation, heating, cooling and ventilation for apartments. Their story has evolved. Announced last week, Hydronic Shell Technologies, based... READ MORE

Modular builder Veev faces uncertain future

Innovative proptech startup Veev is on the brink of closure as the modular builder grapples with a lack of funding.
Situated in California, Veev, a proptech startup recognised for its innovative modular building techniques, is facing a challenging future. Founded in Tel Aviv in 2008, Veev gained recognition for its unique approach to modular housing development, marrying technology with progressive... READ MORE

Modular builder Spacecube welcomes Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz to Board, eyes global expansion

Spacecube appoints former Mirvac chief executive Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz to help grow the modular builder.
Melbourne-based modular building innovator Spacecube has made a strategic move in its global expansion plans by appointing Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz, the former chief executive and managing director of Mirvac, to its board as a non-executive director. (main pic: Spacecube’s modular build... READ MORE

Modular home builders set to benefit with increase in Queensland’s First Home Owner Grant

Queensland’s First Home Owner Grant increases to $30,000; modular homes and granny flats eligible.
The Queensland Government has announced a significant increase in the First Home Owner Grant, doubling it to $30,000 to support first-time buyers, particularly targeting those interested in modular homes and granny flats. (main pic: ModnPods modular home.) This increase, in... READ MORE

Trainees set to construct Tasmania’s future in modular housing

Industry and government modular housing initiative focused on young Tasmanians.
In a significant commitment to boost Tasmania's modular construction sector, on 22 November, the Tasmanian Government launched the Podmatrix Pathway Programme, aiming to train young Tasmanians as the next generation of modular home builders. (main pic: Podmatrix modular build ready... READ MORE

Innovations in modular home building: Insights from Uniplan Group and ARDEX

Accessing global research for local solutions delivers long-term benefits for modular home builder Uniplan Group.
Partner content The risk of costly failures and associated rectification expenses is a significant concern for modular builders, with bathrooms being one of the most vulnerable aspects of a modular build. This concern underscores the importance of quality and dependability... READ MORE

Modular façade panels with built-in insulation, heating, cooling, and ventilation for apartments

Apartment buildings are set to be retrofitted with insulated, heated, cooled, and ventilated modular facade panels to reduce the buildings' carbon footprint.
Located in New York City, Hydronic Shell Technologies, has unveiled their novel approach to improving the energy efficiency of older apartment buildings. Their innovative solution involves modular façade panels that can be easily attached to the exteriors of buildings, providing... READ MORE

Update on UK Government inquiry into MMC failures: Public procurement methods criticised

Inquiry into MMC failures continues unabated this week with three key modular builders facing the committee.
The next instalment of the UK Government inquiry into the problems facing modern methods of construction (MMC) continued this week. Representatives from three of the UK’s most prominent modular builders were on hand to answer questions from committee members. (main... READ MORE

NSW Government to establish modular housing templates to fast-track housing supply

Modular builders, property developers, and manufacturers are positioned to address NSW’s housing shortage with a major initiative by the NSW Government to create modular housing designs.
In a national first, the New South Wales Government, under the leadership of Premier Chris Minns, is taking steps that, according to many in the offsite construction sector, will breathe life into and firmly establish modular construction in the mainstream... READ MORE

How Australia’s prefab industry can help the housing crisis

Prefabrication is a practical solution to meet Victoria’s urgent housing needs by providing speedy and cost-efficient dwellings
By Dr Tharaka Gunawardena, University of Melbourne; Joyce Ferng, AECOM; Professor Tuan Ngo, University of Melbourne; Professor Shan Kumar, Swinburne University of Technology and Professor Priyan Mendis, University of Melbourne. Housing supply in Australia has not kept up with demand.... READ MORE

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