Dedicated to innovation, acceptance and change for the prefabricated building industry.

Australia’s building industry is on the precipice of deep structural change and offsite construction is at the very heart of that process. Prefabrication or offsite construction is changing the way buildings are designed and built.

This site gives that process a voice and will bind the industry together in a timely, sharp, well-written and researched voice that is published to be used.

It offers advertisers unparalleled access to all professions involved in this transition.

Published in association with PrefabAUS, Built Offsite will drive and challenge existing design and building practices that have traditionally underscored the industry.

Editorial content

It is a constant source of fresh news, developments and ideas that will prime and motivate its readers to embrace this fast changing industry and will equip individuals and businesses to capitalise on future opportunities.

Where relevant, materials, machines and methodologies will be used as ‘examples’ but all editorial will subscribe to the key themes that form the ‘backbone’ of the publication.



A recognition across the construction industry that building offsite offers opportunities to improve project quality, deliver increased value, improve productivity and support a more sustainable industry.


To work with professional and industry organisations that will collectively bring about a step-change increase in understanding, development and use of offsite solutions in all construction markets.


Championing offsite construction and working with key stakeholders to bring about faster change.

Increased awareness raising of the proven benefits of offsite solutions.

Challenging the supply side to improve their engagement with clients, designers and constructors, to understand their project needs and to develop and promote efficient solutions.

Promoting membership of PrefabAUS and the development of the organisation and its work programme in support of the Mission.

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