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MMC visionary Mark Farmer Australian event

Mark Farmer from Cast Consultancy to present Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) to Australian audience.

August 1 – 5:30pm AEST

He’s recognised as ‘ground zero’ for sweeping changes that have been embraced by the UK Government in its commitment to modernise the UK construction industry.

Mark Farmer has over 30 years of experience in the construction and real estate sectors, and now runs a consultancy specialising in innovative delivery models. As such he is eminently qualified to analyse the state of the offsite construction industry, primarily in the UK but also beyond.

In his much lauded, seminal work published in October 2016, his UK Government Review of the Construction Labour Market Model entitled ‘Modernise or Die’, also widely known as ‘The Farmer Review’, has started the conversation about how the construction industry needs to adapt, in a similar vein to Darwin’s immortal precept “Adapt and Survive’.

The event is organised by CIOB member, Martin Fenn, who has committed to driving innovation in the Australian construction sector towards MMC.

“Traditional onsite construction methods are wasteful and beset by skilled labour shortages; they define an unsustainable and unproductive industry. MMC is a better way of doing more with less. It’s future construction now,” said Fenn.

According to Fenn, Mark Farmer will discuss how the industry has evolved since he released his report in 2016, and the purpose of the event is to provide a forum for experts within the offsite construction industry to form a collective think tank, brain trust – a coalition – coming together to achieve a goal.

The event is scheduled to run for one hour, with Mark Farmer’s presentation scheduled for 20 minutes. The balance of the hour is allocated for discussion.

The virtual event is scheduled for August 1, and will start at 5:30pm AEST  // 7:30pm NZ //  8:30am BST.


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2.      Mark Farmer Presentation

3.      Open discussion

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