Built Offsite_Monday is a weekly newsletter of ideas, innovations and industry news that will assist you on the path to prefabrication and offsite construction.

The weekly newsletter will build on the years of good work that’s been established by its predecessor Built Offsite (print).

It’s there to guide, inspire and alter the way we do things in the building industry, and the transition to offsite construction is underway.

We’re the only dedicated voice in Australia that speaks to all things prefab, and our primary partner is peak industry association prefabAUS (www.prefabaus.org.au).

We’re also supported by numerous professional and industry associations.

We started this journey with prefabAUS in 2016, and since that time the conversation has clearly shifted from ‘why offsite construction’ to ‘now offsite construction’.

The analogy is often made: you don’t buy a car and assemble it in your driveway, and the same should apply to property.

Offsite construction is disruptive.

There’s a debate about the use of the word ‘disruption’ to describe the radical changes that have leveraged new technologies throughout history, from the invention of the printing press to the emergence of the shared economy. The argument goes like this: the reality of disruption is that, while it appears to happen overnight, it remains gradual and unseen, often for years, before it surfaces.

This probably best describes Australia’s prefab / offsite sector. The capability to design buildings for offsite manufacture, prior to transporting them to and assembling them on site is radical and challenging.

At the same time, in contrast to mature international markets, it’s also a capability whose impact is yet to be fully realised by industry, much less felt by mainstream thinking and wider society in this country.

Yet while offsite construction may be nascent in Australia, all predictions point to growth. With about 3 per cent of industry revenue currently generated from offsite construction, this is forecast to grow to at least 10 per cent within 15 years.

In short, disruption is coming; watch this space! This makes now a tremendously exciting time to be involved in this sphere, whether operating within it or, like Built Offsite_Monday, covering its achievements, igniting its debates and, delivering you a weekly toolbox of ideas and innovations.

The message, at its heart, is simple: the more you build offsite, the greater efficiency dividends onsite.

Michael Dolphin

Publisher – Built Offsite

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