S2A Modular California Render

US-based property developer commits to building 35 modular housing factories

Redefining the modular housing factories paradigm, this tenacious property developer isn’t content with just one factory – he’s decided it’s time for change and has the environment firmly in his sights.

With over thirty years as a general contractor and developer, John Rowland, president and co-founder of S2A Modular (modular housing factories), a California-based modular building company, has spent the last three years formalising expansion plans.

The company’s ambitious plans to open 35 ‘MegaFactories’ across the United States and Canada is as dedicated as its commitment to manufacture net-positive prefabricated modular homes. The first factory in California will open this summer and three more are scheduled for Waco (Texas), Milwaukee (Wisconsin) and Jacksonville (Florida). 

According to Rowland, he believes that in their first year each factory will be able to build 500 homes, and these modular builds will pay, in full, the cost of each factory. Each factory takes six months to build with prefabricated, carbon neutral parts from a facility in Florida.
Each factory will be assembled in 50 days.

Each modular factory will employ approximately 100 employees to run, and it’s claimed a fully-finished modular unit will be produced every two hours.

Ultimately, he’s aiming to manufacture between 35,000 and 70,000 modular homes per year in 2025 (modular housing factories). 

See: www.s2amodular.com

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