3D-printed affordable housing apartment building in Germany

Germany’s affordable housing sector is set to be being transformed by 3D printing.

The advent of 3D-printed construction is gaining momentum, with a novel new low-rise apartment building in Germany taking shape. The social housing initiative is using advanced 3D printing technology in collaboration with timber to provide affordable housing.

The affordable housing development, which is the first of its kind in Germany according to COBOD, a supplier of 3D construction printers, is being printed in Lünen by Peri 3D Construction. The building will feature three stories, housing six government-subsidised rental apartments, with sizes from 61 to 81 square metres and a total area of 651 square metres.

The three-level 3D printed apartment building will contain six apartments.
The three-level 3D printed apartment building will contain six apartments.

The construction approach is significantly more complex than previous 3D-printed buildings. The lower two stories are being printed using a COBOD BOD 2 printer, which prints a cementitious mixture layer by layer to form the building’s shell, a process expected to take approximately 100 hours. Interestingly, the third story will be constructed from timber, with the exterior of the printed floors highlighting the characteristic ribbed texture of 3D printing, while the timber top floor will have a façade panelling.

Watch an earlier 3D printed build in Germany by Peri 3D Constructions

“We are delighted to demonstrate once more the rapid, efficient, and resource-conserving capabilities of 3D printing in creating habitable space and its potential in the sector of multi-family homes,” commented Fabian Meyer-Brötz, Managing Director of Peri 3D Construction. “We believe that this technology is now ready for broad application in modern construction sites, particularly for social housing projects.”

The date for completion of the 3D-printed apartment building has not yet been announced, though construction is progressing apace.

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See: https://www.peri.com/en

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