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We’re delighted to announce the launch of Built Offsite_Monday.
It’s your free weekly newsletter published in collaboration with industry association prefabAUS that assembles and delivers to your inbox a healthy diet of all things prefab.

Built for Monday morning it will deliver a cornucopia of thought starters, industry news and case studies.

We’re there every week to deliver the latest in prefab thinking and news. It’s about innovation.

The Australian construction industry is on the precipice of deep structural and Built Offsite_Monday is there to prime, educate and drive that transition.


Built Offsite has established itself as the only voice dedicated to offsite construction in Australia and New Zealand, and has been vigorous in establishing enduring relationships with professional associations that are actively engaged with change: The Structural College of Engineers, The Institute Of Quantity Surveyors, Australian Steel Institute, National Precast Association of Australia, Melbourne University (CAMP.H) and prefabNZ are all active contributors.

Built Offsite_Monday will draw on the good work from years of its dedicated publishing team and its predecessor, Built Offsite (print).

We’ve worked extensively with many commercial partners, travelled widely and have been assiduous in bringing you the best of prefab.

We have a thirst for innovation and quality publishing; that will continue.

Built Offsite (print) gave the industry a voice and it’s a voice that still speaks today.

Start your offsite journey here with the very first edition launched many years ago; it’s still a good read.

And, don’t forget to subscribe to Built Offsite_Monday here as well.

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