utecture Cloud-based digital building platform launched

Cloud-based digital building platform launched

Australian cloud-based design building platform empowers consumers to personalise and live-price builds.

It’s a fully integrated online architectural design building platform that enables home builders and their customers to visualise and personalise their homes. Home buyers can, for instance, even get the estimated cost in real-time as they customise the 3D model of their home.

In addition to minimising the turnaround on reworked plans and budgets, the software platform can also produce documentation for council approvals. Home builders using the platform can streamline and accelerate workflow for their staff, reducing the time required for each home project, thereby increasing efficiency.

A feature in the uTecture platform called ‘file-to-factory’ sends orders to a factory, and is based on Donovan Group’s commercial ‘file-to-factory’ software, which has been used by the company’s Coresteel Buildings business to produce custom steel buildings for the commercial and industrial segments.

According to Monash University research: “Builders powered by utecture achieve cost savings of up to 58% and time savings of more than 65% in the sales cycle alone”.

The collaboration with Lendlease, Monash University and Building 4.0 CRC will enable the Donovan Group to speed up the development and testing of the home building platform.

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