Peter Blythe Dynamic Steel Frame

Re-imagining an industry with Dynamic Steel Frame

An encounter can change lives and industries, and Peter Blythe of Dynamic Steel Frame has achieved exactly that.

With a background in mechanical engineering and equipped with a curious mind, Blythe (Dynamic Steel Frame)immediately saw the potential of LGS (light gauge steel) CNC framing machines.
It was, as Peter says, “love at first sight”.

Based in Melbourne, Blythe started Dynamic Steel Frame (DSF) in 2012, and like many entrepreneurs he made the sales, operated the machines and drove the delivery truck. From flat packs for kit homes that were delivered all the way up the eastern seaboard, he now employs over 40 staff and consistently delivers over 45,000 linear metres per week of prefabricated LGS frames to building sites.
Blythe’s first building was for a client in Searches Outlet, Victoria, and the owner/builder’s house was subsequently featured on Australia’s Best Houses some years later.
Their first commercial project was for Verve Constructions with whom they enjoy an ongoing relationship.

Dynamic Steel Frame’s success has also been the catalyst for the entire “Top Level Framing” category.

A daring vertical extension at 388 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne, where an eight storey height extension, facilitated by DSF’s light-gauge framing system, made from Truecore steel and comprising a highly prefabricated system of flooring cassettes enabled a high rise extension to “reach for the skies”.

“The advantages offered by prefabrication are clear; less requirement for manpower on site and a reduced need for crane lifts,” says Blythe. “The results are economic savings and speed of construction. Using this system enables the scheme to go from the first level to the top of the eighth storey in about 16 weeks, which is incredibly fast for a building of its size.”

Dynamic Steel Frame’s exposure on The Block also elevated the public’s awareness and acceptation of LGS. In a high pressure, time sensitive competition, DSF’s “Two Minute Noodle Framing” gave primetime exposure to the system and also BlueScope’s distinctive-coloured Truecore steel.

Large-scale townhouse developments is where DFS experiences significant demand as “these projects need efficiency, BIM Models, high accuracy and complete repeatability to be efficient,” according to Peter.
“Dynamic Steel Frame provide all these things as standard. Massive volumetric façade systems are also really intriguing and we really enjoy pushing these boundaries”.

“Three words: lighter, straighter, better.  Lighter, means half to one third the weight of wood, and erection is much faster for the site teams. Straighter, means no packing, planeing or straightening of wall gives a massive efficiency boost to site program times.  Better, means unparalleled accuracy and repeatability, non-combustibility, termite proof frames which are precisely as designed and engineered”.


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