Grandio precast concrete home

Tiny precast concrete homes have global aspirations

Grandio, based in Argentina have developed a small precast concrete home (Tiny Homes) that’s set for the world stage.

Founded 77 years ago in Argentina, it’s now run by two architects and two university lecturers, who, through casual observation, noticed their students were more preoccupied with travel and exploration rather than incurring inter-generational debt to buy a property.

Architect Jose Martin and his team created Hüga–a precast concrete house (Tiny Homes) with the stated mission: “To provide a cozy, comfortable, and indestructible home that is affordable for everyone in the world.”

The name “Huga” comes from a Danish concept known as “Hygge”, which is a philosophy based on living in alignment with nature and enjoying the company of loved ones.

Hüga technology is a modern construction method that takes the concept of a precast building and applies to multiple predetermined configurations ranging from 19,000 to 143,000 lbs. (or 9.5  to 71.5 tons)–without the need for a traditional foundation.

Martin explains that his company’s design allows for the precast concrete home to be installed on a gravel or concrete pad, a foundation with footers, or on screw piles for additional height.

See it in action here:

The basic Hüga price starts at US$75,000. That includes one bedroom, a relax zone—which is a mezzanine with space enough for a two-seater mattress—a zoned bathroom, kitchen, and living/dining room. The home’s shape resembles much of a shipping container, just slightly wider and without the “industrial metal” look. Once produced, the precast concrete homes can be transported and installed in the desired location in a single day.

The basic precast home opens at 3.9 metres wide, 3.9 metres tall and is 12 metres long—with the most common style using 3,000-psi precast concrete.

According to Martin, “Grandio is currently developing sales and manufacturing partnerships with companies in every region of the continent.” The company’s partners are provided with equipment for manufacturing; training; technical documentation; ongoing engineering; technical and design support and marketing tools.
Each partner will be able to customise Hüga to accommodate its local market.  


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