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HIA prefabrication construction interim report

HIA Interim prefabrication construction report available for download

The HIA’s prefabrication construction interim report which includes feedback received on their consultation paper, a review of international comparisons, including draft recommendations is now available for download and feedback.

The project is part of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre’s (AMGC) Pre-Fab Innovation Hub that is tasked with identifying and analysing the regulatory barriers for offsite construction and modular construction in housing.

Australia’s building codes and standards, along with the regulatory systems that apply to zoning land and approving the construction of buildings, are written based on established building methods, products, practices and systems.

As a consequence, they introduce challenges with regulatory acceptance and approvals with respect to offsite construction methods, including prefabricated and modular construction.

The HIA prefabrication interim report has investigated and identified barriers in detail and highlighted recommendations and/or proposals to overcome these barriers and further, enable more tailored planning and building regimes that appropriately recognises offsite and modular construction systems.

According to the HIA interim report: “It is critical that there is a clear understanding of the regulatory barriers that exist today and that potential solutions are identified now.
These regulatory systems will need to be updated and revised to remove the unnecessary barriers to enable greater uptake and recognition of the suitability and effectiveness of prefabricated and modular construction and to facilitate an appropriate and streamlined process for the necessary approvals.”

See: hia.com.au/our-industry/prefab-and-modular-construction

Download the interim report HERE

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