Impact modular build

UK-based Impact modular construction company offers finance.

Impact Lending (a division of Impact Capital Group) will provide financing solutions to external developers, including a new product range dedicated to sustainable construction accessing their own modular construction resources.

To be eligible, a client must engage with Impact Modular Construction as the main contractor and manufacturer of its modular units. It’s said this approach was implemented to provide developers and lenders alike with a well-funded and reliable manufacturer, as well as a company that is actively involved in the Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) sector.

Funding will be available from £500,000 to £15m for eligible sustainable developments.

Under the Impact umbrella sit a number of subsidiaries, each playing a role in the real estate lifecycle model. This includes Impact Smart Homes, Impact Developments, Impact Working and Impact Modular Construction, which operates from a 110,000 sq. ft production facility in Peterborough producing modular homes.

David Travers, CEO of Impact Lending said: “We are delighted to unveil our new identity as Impact Lending, which will bring our lending company in line with the culture and ethos of the Impact Capital Group. We recognise the history of our industry and that is why we honour the traditional construction product range.

“However, it is part of our company’s culture to encourage all of our clients to consider building using sustainable construction methods on their future developments and contribute to the green recovery initiative.”

Robert Whitton, founder and CEO of Impact Capital Group, added: “The government has an ambition to meet carbon net zero by 2050 and has set out clear guidelines to launch a green industrial revolution. The growing shift towards sustainable homes is a long-term environmental investment with a multitude of benefits for developers and our wider community. Bringing Impact Lending into the group means that we can provide a holistic solution, by catering for the end-to-end lifecycle of future developments that will benefit generations for years to come.”


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