Korean convenience store with 5,500 outlets to sell modular homes

Modular homes are set to enjoy maximum convenience with Korean Emart 24 always open for business.

On your next trip to Korean convenience store Emart 24, along with a loaf of bread and a litre of milk, don’t forget to buy a modular home.

Since establishing the business in 2014, Emart24 has expanded rapidly to over 5,500 stores, making it Korea’s fastest-growing convenience store chain. Clearly, they’ve nailed some form of winning formula, and they’re now pushing the retail boundaries even further with adding modular homes to their shelves.

Emart24, a subsidiary of the South Korean retail behemoth Emart Inc., has entered into a collaboration with YMK Construction to offer the modular homes.

Emart24’s range of modular homes to be supplied by YMK Construction.
Emart24’s range of modular homes to be supplied by YMK Construction.

The range of modular homes includes a selection of three types: a single-storey dwelling measuring 15-pyeong (approximately 49.6 square metres), as well as two-storey structures of 20 and 25-pyeong. Emart24 is selling these modular homes to customers seeking “distinctive and adaptable living environments”.

To make a purchase, customers can visit any of the Emart24 physical outlets across the nation and submit their applications by the end of the month.

Following their application, customers will receive a URL on their mobile phones, which allows them to virtually tour the 3D model of the house, before consulting with one of Emart24’s sales persons and paying for it.

Following payment, the panelised modular home is delivered to their site, and it’s said to be ready for occupancy in as little as two months.

Prospective buyers must own approved land and have all permits in place before the modular home is delivered.

YMK Construction builds their modular homes using panelization, whereby elements such as walls, ceilings, and floors are prefabricated and then pieced together on-site once foundational work such as connections for water, electricity, and sewage systems are complete.

There are also customisation options available, where buyers can personalise the interior and exterior designs and the configuration of the space to suit their tastes.

An Emart24 representative commented, “Aligning with the increasing trend of ‘workation’ – blending work with vacation – and the emerging practice of working in urban areas during the week while retreating to rural settings on weekends and holidays, we have launched a modular home product ideal for use as a secondary residence.”

Emart24 has a history of bringing unorthodox products to market, including karaoke units, indoor golf simulators, and even electric vehicles.

See: https://emart24.com.my/#1

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