Stackhouse reimagining relocatable modular homes building

Modular homes ‘slot’ into 8 storey building

US company Stackhouse reimagining relocatable modular homes in buildings.

As the name suggests, Stackhouse, is just literally that. It’s a design for a new type of affordable housing that Dr. Janelle Briggs, co-founder and CEO of Stackhouse, an Arizona company with the objective of creating mobile, vertical communities of modular homes.

The intention is to construct an eight-storey building with 62 slots that modified shipping containers can be slid into. The shipping containers would be owned by their occupants and could relocate them from one purpose-built building to another.

Interior of Stackhouse modular home

“With Stackhouse, you can buy one home and ship it to any city around the country because our homes are built to federal code, so they’re 50-state legal when they leave for the manufacturing center,” Briggs said.

Each Stackhouse is about 30 square metres and is equipped with a full-size stove, refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher and, a Japanese soaking tub.

Watch the Stackhouse flythrough here:

“It feels just like a studio apartment. This is literally my dream home,” Briggs said.

To compliment their modular homes, each building will offer additional features such as parking, rooftop terrace and privacy pods on each floor that tenants could use as workspaces.

Each modular shipping container home will cost roughly US$110,000 at the turnkey price, but it will cost another US$200,000 to be able to live in the Stackhouse tower.

There’s already a waiting list for the concept, and the manufacturer of the modular homes is RoxBox Containers.


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