BelCanto Group Prefabricated balconies

Prefabricated balconies gain market acceptance

Emerging prefabricated balcony sector finds traction with builders and developers.

The more building elements that are built offsite, the greater the efficiency dividends are realised onsite. And now, a New Zealand manufacturer has cast their attention to prefabricated balconies delivering results.

New Zealand based BelCanto Group recently exhibited at Sydney Build their new range of prefabricated Grappler Balconies. Led by William Stewart, their prefabricated balconies are a lightweight aluminium modular system that significantly reduces the weight, structural load, saves time and budget without compromising style, sophistication and strength according to company sources.

William Stewart BelCanto Group

ABOVE: William Stewart, BelCanto Group

“Grappler is a unitised balcony system that brings speed, innovation and value by removing
unnecessary elements that would previously delay the apartment design and construction process. With a Grappler balcony, we dramatically reduce the scaffolding duration and programme timelines and allow our clients to do away with material site
storage requirements.”

We eliminate any onsite waste that comes with traditional balconies. And by closing off building façades earlier, we reduce weather delays and accelerate project timeframes providing a quicker return on the investment. Utilising the Grappler system, on average we install at least 15 balconies in a single day.”

Watch their work here:

The patented prefabricated balcony system claims the following features and benefits:

Speed, efficiency and cost savings

  • One supplier for all balcony works, with a single warranty
  • Greater financial accuracy with project cost budgets
  • Reduced scaffold duration, build complexity, and construction program around the balconies
  • Average of 15 Balconies can be installed and completed in a working day

Thermal efficiency, low emissions

  • Constructed from 100% recyclable and non-combustible materials
  • Thermal breaks assist in achieving acoustic and thermal ratings
  • With minimal façade penetrations, de risk potential leak issues
  • No quality and defect delays, OSC balconies QA inspected before delivery


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