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Australian property tech startup attracts US investor

Multi-million-dollar investment poised to accelerate platform development and overseas expansion for property tech startup.

Admittedly talk can be cheap when it comes to ‘disruption’; but there are clear signs  the global and local markets are poised for further disruptive step change (property tech).

Demand for a different way of dealing with the construction industry’s challenges is an accepted reality; but now Sydney-based PT Blink has crucially, secured investor committent for its digitally-driven solutions.
It’s another turn in the evolutionary wheels.

PT Blink Technology can be used to build the backbone for multi-storey buildings, using steel columns and steel trays manufactured offsite and then strengthened using post-tensioned steel cables. Other manufactured components from a community of suppliers can then be added.

Founder and CEO Murray Ellen calls PT Blink “an overnight success that was 30 years in the making,” and has a background in structural engineering (the PT in PT Blink stands for post-tensioning steel technology).
Having worked throughout Asia, from Hong Kong to Malaysia and China, he says he began to think of solutions to construction problems that lay principally in a “design for manufacture” approach, rather than in traditional construction.
The speed and efficiencies offered by PT Blink put it in a position to compete effectively with overseas prefabrication suppliers, he adds.

“PT Blink can be applied to aged care, healthcare, residential, bathroom pods and more. It’s applicable across any building typology; that’s very powerful,” says Ellen.

“One of the messages we want to get out there is that manufacturing is alive and well in Australia. And the model we’re deploying is essentially turning construction on its head.”

Murray Ellen – PT Blink Founder

The property tech start-up has attracted a multi-million-dollar investment by the owners of Holland Partner Group (HPG), a major United States developer and operator of high-quality investment properties. They’re supporting PT Blink’s “do it and digitise it” strategy, the investment backs a partnership that will see the property tech startup’s technology applied to HPG developments in the US as the cloud-based platform is being created.

“We are thrilled to have HPG onboard with us to accelerate our cloud platform development and market expansion,” says Murray Ellen.

“They are supporting our strategy to apply our technology to exemplar projects that demonstrate our unique benefits and concurrently feed data and the user experience into the platform development.”

In addition to the capital investment, the partnership will see a pipeline of HPG projects and collaboration initiatives commencing with an eight-storey apartment complex in Seattle, Washington.

“We pride ourselves in staying at the forefront of technology to continue delivering premium quality assets, connected communities and sustainable approaches to building,” says Clyde Holland, CEO and Chairman, Holland Partner Group.

”PT Blink offers unique advantages in quality, safety, speed and waste reduction, and we are excited to be part of a platform that will help scale these benefits for the global construction industry.”

Clyde Holland – Holland Partner Group Chairman

“We have accomplished transaction values of more than US$20 billion and today have nearly 20,000 units under management and in the construction process.
PT Blink’s ability to deliver high quality while reducing time to market was immediately appealing to us. However, as an owner operator in the growing build-to-rent sector, the ability to capture the quality PT Blink brings to the construction process and the long-term benefits of capital expense reduction opens many possibilities for investors seeking ongoing above-index returns,” continues Clyde Holland.

Watch a recent PT Blink Queensland project

In preparation for the next stage of its platform launch and project work, PT Blink has been increasing its US engineering capability and is bolstering its people on the ground to build out the US supply chain.

In Australia, the company has further strengthened its Executive Leadership Team and board with key appointments. Joining the PT Blink team are: Richard Sharps (Chief Financial Officer), Ashley Brinson (Non-executive director) and Martin Fenn (Director of Integration).


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