Moliving relocatable hotel room

Relocatable modular hotel rooms

US based startup Moliving aims to disrupt with relocatable modular hotel rooms

They’re seeking to capitalise on the growing enthusiasm for ‘alternative’ accommodation through sites such as Airbnb that offer the travellers a more remote or rural experience.
But, this New York startup is taking a somewhat different approach by creating relocatable modular hotel rooms that can be transported from one persons property to another.

The big differentiator in their business model is they retain ownership of the ‘hotel room’.

If the placement of one their relocatable modular hotel rooms is under performing or the landowner chooses to discontinue the relationship, it’s simply towed away to its new ‘contract’ home.

The modular hotel rooms could even be financially structured to follow the seasons.

“The traditional hotel development model has proven its success for generations. Now, lifestyle habits and travel behaviors have greatly shifted. We are spearheading the change with our mobile units and proprietary technology to continue to adapt,” said Moliving Inc.’s Founder and CEO, Jordan Bem.

“Moliving is accommodating by design, its flexibility feeds the desire to roam freely helping the industry to embrace the nomadic, adventure seeking traveler of today who still wants all the benefits of the traditional five-star accommodation.”

It appears to be a financial formula that would transplant well here, and could compliment an existing property portfolio or even inspire a franchise.

The first 60 units for Moliving’s enterprise are scheduled to be built by modular builder SG Blocks.

Each unit measure 13.72m long and 37 square metres, excluding the 11 square metres deck space at the rear of each unit. The units start at $AU200,000 (approx).


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