Samsung completes first modular construction build

First modular construction project positions Samsung on path to MMC.

Manufacturing leviathan Samsung has announced the completion of their first modular construction project for The Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology.

(Above image: Samsung’s modular constructed building for the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology.)

The modular constructed building was built by Samsung C&T E&C Group, a division of Samsung that positions itself as a ‘Global Business Partner & Lifestyle Innovator’.

Construction of the three-storey building with a total floor area of around 1800 Sqm took nine months, and consists of 69 modules. Each of these modules was manufactured offsite, transported and assembled onsite.

There were no reported workplace incidents during the installation process.

For the build, Samsung C&T utilised Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) and Building Information Modelling (BIM). In addition, pre-simulation of module installation was performed using new technologies such as Mixed Reality (MR).

They’ve also applied for several patents related to modular construction, such as a vertical joint structure between modular units, a modular joint system using steel bars, a construction method of block modular buildings, and a modular floor structure that combines steel beams with lightweight concrete panels.

Samsung modular construction process. Structure completed / Fireproof coating completed / Flooring completed / Interior finishing work and M&E in progress.

Further research and development is being carried out this year to secure joint technology, floor system optimization, and factory manufacturing technology, as well as developing technologies together with partners domestically and abroad

According to company sources, “Samsung C&T E&C Group is approaching modular construction as an innovation of the whole industry, not just a new methodology. The unique characteristic of module construction, namely the production of modules in a stable and controlled factory environment, drives the Group to strive for greater productivity and quality.

“The growing interest in ESG [environmental, social & governance] impacts by companies worldwide has raised interest in sustainable, more efficient, and low-waste ways to build. Samsung C&T E&C Group sees early payoffs in modular construction and is determined to lead the path of innovation in the construction industry in a way that aligns with ESG goals.”

Samsung C&T has recently established a division in Sydney.


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