Sophisticated living in the new Chatswood?

The suburb of St Leonard’s, 5km north-west of Sydney’s CBD is home to some of the state’s most prestigious schools and to a bustling commercial locale. A cluster of high-rise buildings complement the nearby Chatswood, Lane Cove and North Sydney and have introduced multinationals to the area including Toyota Financial Services and IBM.

Mirvac an established developer and their integrated design team have proposed a multistory, mixed-use complex with hopes to reform the St Leonard’s area from a strictly corporate location to that of culture and residential amenity. Mirvac’s proposal houses 527 apartments atop street fronted retail and commercial spaces. The design invigorates a new residential suburb with two towers rich in amenities. Apartment occupants are met with a large swimming pool, gym and natural mineral sauna/spa. The communal prowess of Mirvac’s design is further exemplified with a spacious outdoor terrace including access to barbecues, dining facilities, lounges, and a cinema. Alike many of the apartments, the communal spaces enjoy a view of the Sydney harbor and CBD.

In an effort the minimize building waste and maximize the efficiently of construction, the Mirvac design team have opted to maximize the use of prefabricated building elements. Offsite manufacturing process notable helped in minimizing the cost of bathroom pods and air-conditioning condenser decks, whilst increasing labor efficiency across the entire building. The implementation of prefabrication allows the client to maintain quality control to a finer degree and construct in the tight constraints of the site due to concurrent developments in the vicinity.

High quality precast concrete panels supplied by National Precast Master Precaster, Advanced Precast are used throughout the two towers at St Leonard’s Square. Precast concrete is suited to the project in its high level of quality control and its ability to overcome the potential dangers of combustible cladding. Established in Melbourne in 1982, Advanced is one of Australia’s market leaders particularly in the precast panel sector. The company operates in VIC, ACT and QLD yet supplies precast products to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and surrounding areas.

The two towers at St Leonards Square feature a total of 1164 off-form precast panels produced in Advanced Precast’s state of the art Wetherill Park factory. Each panel is controlled to a high degree of accuracy and a high degree of finish quality. Many of the building elements form a response to the natural context in their rich orange hue and bold, yet sophisticated orange building elements. These intricate stylings are in response to the native bushland of the Lane Cove River. Advanced Precast met the specification of these rich hues by using a Nawkaw finish.

Advanced Precast in collaboration with Mirvac have positioned St Leonard’s Square to become the first of a kind for St Leonard’s, the suburb of which is predicted to double in residential population by 2035. The site now boasts an innovative use of prefabricated building elements, and enduring materials.

Project: St Leonard’s Square
Location: Pacific Highway, St Leonards NSW 2065
Master Precaster: Advanced Precast
Client: Mirvac
Architect: Mirvac Design & Sissons Architects
Builder: Mirvac Design
Engineer: Van Der Meer

Sarah Bachman. National Precast CEO

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