Tasmania's new CLT manufacturing plant

Tasmania's new CLT manufacturing plant opening imminent.

In anticipation of Australia’s newest CLT manufacturing plant opening, CLTP Tasmania secures local expert on Tasmanian timbers.

Michael Lee is one of Australia’s foremost experts in timber and widely regarded as the technical expert on Tasmanian timber has joined CLTP Tasmania’s (CLT manufacturing plant) ranks as their Operations Manager.

With 35 years’ experience, having spent 50% of his career in industry and 50% of his time in academia, Michael is a unique blend of both technical and practical aspects of Tasmanian timbers. Having spent the last 10 years as the Technical Officer for the Centre for Sustainable Architecture with Wood in the School of Architecture & Design at the University of Tasmania, he is well positioned to steer the plant to successful production.

Familiar to many architects and builders around the country, he has operated the Expert Timber Helpline and the Tasmanian Timber Quality Assurance Program while continuing to carry out research with a team of PhD students into plantation grown timber.

Inspired by the vision and determination of the founder, Ron Goldslager, to create a product that maximises the value from our countries existing resources to offset a massive trade deficit in timber, Michael says he is looking forward to seeing the vision come to fruition.

“The products we’re producing are really exciting and the philosophy of the business really positions it to help transform the future of the built environment in Australia,” says Michael.

“We want to maintain a very flexible and agile approach to the Mass timber market in Australia that we believe is not in existence today.”

Michael Lee: CLTP Tasmania Operations Manager

The international Mass Timber talent

CLTP Tasmania (CLT manufacturing plant) has developed a partnership with Dayne Davis, founder and CEO of Timber Design Studio. Dayne and his team of international experts are globally experienced in Mass timber projects and are currently working on some of the largest timber projects across Europe and Australia. Dayne and his team push the limits with innovative designs and construction methodologies to deliver a design which not only meets the architectural and structural requirements on the project but is also ready for fabrication and installation on site.

Dayne Davis: CEO of Timber Design Studio

The Ph.D’s.

Heading up production is Nathan Kotlarewski, a Ph.D in Timber Design and Product Innovation, Nathan is a Computer Aided Design Specialist with many years’ experience working alongside Michael Lee.

Mateo Gutierrez Gonzales heads up the Technical Department, Mateo has recently completed his Ph.D in Structural and Fire Safety Engineering and brings a wealth of experience to the business in this area.

This combination of talent will provide confidence to the marketplace that CLTP Tasmania means business and will make an ideal partner in the built environment for future projects.

One of the main drivers in the business development to date has been to develop a “Eco-system” within the business that provides a “solution based” approach to mass timber design and manufacturing that enables an environment for customers to attain the result they need and not locked into a single species or product line.

Mateo Gutierrez Gonzales: CLTP Tasmania Technical Department.

Time to Specify

In January 2021, CLTP Tasmania will have a market ready product and a new brand that epitomises the values and vision of its founders, and for those of you that have been watching to see what this northern Tasmanian company is set to do, the wait is nearly over. Plantation grown CLT and GLT for Australia’s built environment will be ready to specify in the new year. 

See: https://www.cltptasmania.com/

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