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Automotive skills transfer accelerates Timber Building Systems growth

With the demise of the Australian automotive industry, it was a logical transition to bring lean manufacturing methodologies to the prefabrication industry. Timber Building Systems (TBS) benefited from this natural evolution, and it’s powering ahead.
We look at the people behind the TBS automotive to prefabrication journey.

Tim Newman, Darren Wylie and Ross Smith all share a common ancestor – the automotive industry, and together they bring over 64 years accumulative automotive experience, contributing a valuable wealth of knowledge and strong leadership skills to the company (Timber Building Systems).

Tim Newman, General Manager, is an experienced, professional engineer with a career focused in designing, developing and validating products for large scale production. With 18 years of sound experience at General Motors Holden, Tim established himself as a BIM and lean manufacturing expert, and utilised his experience to develop and implement an efficient linear manufacturing system at TBS.

Tim Newman, General Manager, TBS.

Darren Wylie, Production Manager, and through his 36 years of experience at Toyota, Darren has acquired extensive experience operating in a lean manufacturing environment, focusing on people management, quality, project management, continuous and process improvement activities.

Darren Wylie, Production Manager, TBS.

Ross Smith, Design Manager, and has a strong focus in design for manufacturing and assembly. with over 20 years of CAD design experience in local and international divisions of General Motors. During this time he was the lead designer in projects such as the Comaro, Commodore, and more recently in future global GM vehicle design.

Ross Smith, Design Manager, TBS.

Tim, Darren and Michael are only several of the Timber Building Systems (TBS) employees that have transferred their skills to the construction industry.  In fact, many of the TBS team, in both the design and manufacturing departments, have transitioned from the automotive industry. 

TBS have uniquely combined their team’s knowledge from the automotive and construction industries and applied it to their manufacturing process. They have adapted the auto industry’s principles of Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DfMA) which allows them to manufacture buildings with factory precision and speed, ensuring efficiency and functionality of every aspect of design, fabrication and site construction.  This has given them a solid foundation to produce and deliver high end quality buildings to site. 

The development and implementation of a more efficient linear production line has seen Timber Building Systems (TBS) maximise their manufacturing efficiency, and increase future throughput and total production capacity.

Their focus on continuous and process improvement has been instilled from their experience in the automotive industry, and will no doubt see TBS continue to thrive and innovate in the prefabrication construction industry.

See: www.tbsaus.com.au

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