Nick Milestone of Mercer Mass Timber

Timber Offsite Construction Conference: CLT the ‘natural material of choice’

Nick Milestone, of Mercer Mass Timber to speak at Timber Offsite Construction 2022 Conference & Exhibition.

Timber & Technology – The Zero Carbon Future event, starts in Melbourne tomorrow, June 21-22, and will feature global and local speakers (Timber Offsite Construction Conference).

Nick Milestone, Director of Projects with Mercer Mass Timber in the United States (main pic), has nearly 30 years’ experience in the industry, specialising in the development of mass timber and offsite construction.

When asked, in 2020, What is on the horizon for mass timber?, Nick noted that “Offsite technologies are on the rise and, as we start to adapt to more offsite assembled components such as modular, volumetric, thru-wall and roof construction, mass timber will undoubtedly become the natural material of choice.” Further, he predicted that “Cross laminated timber will become a mature acceptable building material in construction.”

Nick was right. Dubbed the ‘concrete of the future’ and CLT for short, this flexible building material is increasingly being used in mainstream construction as well as high-profile projects, such as Nanyang Technological University Academic Building South (NTU ABS) in Singapore. This means that project teams need to know the costs and benefits of mass timber, as well as the challenges and how to overcome them.

As Consultant to the NTU ABS project, Nick knows what it’s like to bring to fruition Asia’s (and one of the world’s) largest timber building. 

“Construction of this project has faced many challenges during the last two years, including design and programming across multiple time zones, Covid, the logistical planning involved in the process of installation, protection and finishing for handover,” he said. 

“The six-storey building features a ‘services highway’ to allow shallower beam depths and utilises a combination of CLT for slabs and Glulam for beams and columns using hidden proprietary connections; some 13,500 cubic metres of mass timber elements.”

Together with David Kingham, Technical Manager, Mass Timber, NTU ABS Singapore, Nick will provide an update on the current trends in hybrid construction, with special reference to the NTU ABS project, at Timber Offsite Construction (TOC22).

“Some things haven’t changed,” added Nick. “Cost reduction and the value of using sustainable materials are still the main drivers for the future of construction. Even more so today, a hybrid model using CLT is often the most efficient solution, while offsetting a significant proportion of sequestered carbon.”

Nick and David will elaborate on these important topics and participate in the forum session on the second day of TOC2022, Wednesday 22 June at 3.40pm AEST

Timber Offsite Construction Conference and Exhibition on 21-22 June 2022, either in-person in Melbourne or through our ‘virtual delegate’ option.

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