timberlink CLT GLT production factory

Timberlink investment secures path for CLT and GLT production

New LOSP treatment plant in Tarpeena, SA: positioning for CLT and GLT production

With their sights firmly fixed on becoming Australia’s third manufacturer of CLT (cross-laminated timber) and GLT (glue-laminated timber) production, their new LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) timber treatment plant at Tarpeens, SA, is a key plank of their innovation strategy to realise that vision.

The new treatment plant will produce LOSP treated timber, including their Timberlink Green low odour outdoor structural, and further adds to their capability following significant upgrade of the site over three years.

The facility will support existing and future treatment needs, including services required to support Timberlink’s CLT and GLT scheduled market entry in 2023. 

“This investment in a dedicated treatment plant is another key development in the creation of a
world-class timber processing facility in Tarpeena.

New permanent roles will be created at the site, in addition to a number of jobs created during construction,” said Timberlink CEO Ian Tyson.

The project will commence in September 2021 and is expected to be completed early in 2023.

The investment will see further expansion of Timberlink’s production of outdoor timber at Tarpeea.

This will be in addition to the treated timber manufactured at their Tasmania treatment facility
located at the Bell Bay manufacturing plant (CLT production).

See: www.timberlinkaustralia.com.au/innovation

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