UK council launches tender process for supply of £1bn modular homes.

Oxford City Housing Ltd (OCHL) has launched a procurement process for contractors to help it deliver more than 2,500 high quality, sustainable modular homes across Oxfordshire in the next 10 years.

The council has published a tender document for contractors to deliver sustainable modular homes using MMC (modern methods of construction) under a framework worth up to £1bn (see link below).

It’s expected to deliver around £490m of new housing via the framework, and the project will managed exclusively managed by its wholly owned company Oxford City Housing.

According to the council the projects will be divided into two lots, with one covering small projects up to £8m and one for projects above that. It’s anticipated the overall value of the scheme may rise above £1bn if aligned public sector entities access the process.

In adhering to its commitment of ensuring all new homes built in the city are zero carbon by 2030, the new modular homes will be built using passivhaus principles. A tenement of passivhaus design principles involves maximising the energy performance of all elements and materials before mechanical and electrical services are considered.

A total of 18 sites have been allocated in the region for the development, which could lead to more than 2,500 modular homes built.

Up to eight firms are expected to be appointed to the framework, which is scheduled to run for four years.

For interested parties pre-qualification questionnaires are available here: https://www.oxford.gov.uk/news/article/1717/building_better_bit_by_bit

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