Portakabin modular manufacturing factory

UK modular building firm positioned for European expansion

With an already extensive product range, UK-based modular builder Portakabin, keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you’re after a toilet block, an operating theatre through to school buildings; their commitment to all-things modular now caters for a new range of buildings called “Atla”.

It’s a ‘disruption’ story that began in the 1970’s, and has now has completed its ‘state of the art’ manufacturing facility in York, Uk. The new modular manufacturing factory has already created 30 UK jobs and 15 in France, with further recruitment planned.

The factory has been designed for the manufacturing of its new Atla buildings, which are aimed at expanding the company’s presence across Europe.

Steve Newell, design and engineering director for Portakabin in the UK, commented: “The culmination of extensive collaboration with our partners in Europe, Alta buildings take modular construction to the next level for our customer base across Europe.

“Alta means high which is a great reflection of the taller, more spacious and airy spaces created by the design.

“We already have an extensive suite of highly successful buildings in Europe, however, working closely with our colleagues in France, we’ve created a solution to meet the growing demand for premium, spacious and energy-efficient temporary buildings on the continent.

“Our new product completes this, offering the most extensive range of modular buildings in Europe.

“The result is that we have created a factory fit for the future, combining the very latest technology with the very best people and this was all done – to the highest safety standards – during a pandemic.

“What’s more, these new manufacturing techniques can be adapted so that our Alta modular buildings can be replicated across Europe, allowing for further expansion across France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.”

See: portakabin.com/gb-en/#/

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