University teams face-off to solve housing affordability crisis

Students from Australia’s top universities have harnessed cutting edge design and offsite manufacturing construction techniques to overcome the biggest challenges facing the construction industry, as part of the inaugural Fleetwood Challenge Cup in partnership with prefabAUS.

In a national first, the unique design competition saw Architecture, Engineering, Construction (AEC) students challenged to deliver cutting edge multi-storey, energy-efficient and sustainable construction solutions for the future.

Teams collaborated to address the looming shortage of affordable housing in Australia by proposing offsite construction and prefabrication methods to deliver high quality, aesthetically pleasing, affordable housing solutions suitable to be relocated cost-effectively over a 50-year period. 

With a Judging Panel of experts from some of Australia’s most respected AEC companies, Laurence Robinson, Brand Architects Director, one of the industry experts weighing in summarised the competition quite simply, It was encouraging to see so many teams grasp the challenge of a prefabricated and modular design.

The offsite manufacturing and prefabrication industry has changed significantly – the gains it can offer now in terms of sustainability, flexibility and customisation provides the industry with new options for design balanced with affordability. The creative use of design materials by students to deliver innovative solutions has surpassed all industry expectations” Fleetwood Australia’s Managing Director and CEO Brad Denison explained.

Offsite and prefabrication construction is still very much in its infancy within Australia as it continues to shape the Australian construction industry for the better as the industry continues to strive for the next innovation that shapes the way we view the Built Environment.

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