Veev Modular construction wall panel

Modular construction makes home construction sustainable

Modular construction start-up, Veev, manufactures circular economy panelling.

Innovative Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) manufacturer, VEEV (Modular construction), are developing vertically-integrated building solutions to address supply constraints in collaboration with a multi-residential developer in the U.S.

They’ve been working US-based multi-residential developer, Lennar, who in response to consumer demand for more sustainable building methodologies have adopted VEEV’s panelised modular construction and building systems.

“As Lennar explores exciting new technologies and approaches to home construction, Veev’s integrated solution allows homebuyers to enjoy state-of-the-art features and cutting-edge design,” says Eric Feder, President of LENX. 

“Lennar and Veev share a passion for innovation, and we are excited to collaborate on this first community and in the years to come as we embrace sustainable, high-quality and effective alternatives to traditional construction.”

Veev’s Vice President, Marketing & Sustainability, Kelly Hampton, says “We are doing a significant design build project with them right now and have others in the pipeline. They’re an investor as well in our company.”

“We provide Lennar with design build services for their construction projects that meet its high sustainability standards, which, as an organisation, Veev is trying to stay ahead of.”

Hampton also explains the necessity of organisations like Veev in the construction industry as more firms want partners to drive sustainable innovations. 

“They look to us as an innovation partner. This isn’t specific to Lennar but generally, the industry has not embedded in their everyday work. They know it’s important but not what to do with it yet. It’s an old school industry that hasn’t seen much innovation.”

The modular construction and panelised approach to building allows Veev to incorporate responsible sourcing into its products. The fully-closed wall panels leverage the use of recycled steel and have improved its embodied carbon efficiency by 40%. 

Watch their building methodology here

“The solution works similar to LEGO in that it locks into place with ease upon delivery to the construction site, and leverages a closed wall system with all the necessary mechanical, electrical and plumbing instruments. The walls also use HPS, which is a mixture of 70% minerals and 30% resin or acrylic material. 

As the company continues to innovate, the aim is to implement 99% recycled steel into its products. The adoption of new technologies will allow Veev to expand upon its offerings more efficiently and meet the rigorous standards of its Lennar partnership while encouraging more firms to incorporate sustainability into their construction methods. 

The firm is also committed to drastically reducing the bill of materials (BOM) of homes, down to 500 items, which is currently at around 10,000 to 20,000 seen in the broader industry.


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