Howard Springs quarantine modular accommodation

Victorian government officials scheduled to visit modular-built NT quarantine facility for assessment.

Early last week, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced his governments intention to establish modular cabin-style accommodation in a yet-to-be-determined location to replace or supplement the hotel quarantine scheme.

Victorian officials will travel to the NT’s Howard Springs modular built quarantine facility to inspect its accommodation, originally constructed as mining accommodation by AECOM in 2012 at a cost of about $400 million. The Premier has refused to speculate on how much a custom-built site in Victoria would cost or how long it would take to be up and running.

For offsite construction to build the modular built quarantine cabins required, according to industry sources, suggest 8-12 weeks assuming that land and materials are available immediately.

Built Offsite further spoke with a government representative who affirmed there aren’t any established timelines for decisions relating to the development.
Built Offsite will follow.

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