Timber solar carport solution a win for sustainability.

A new modular solar car shade system constructed using prefabricated timber looks set to offer a sustainable solution to the car port market.

“The Solaris solar carport shade system from EnviroPark is Australia’s first commercially available, timber based modular solar shade support structure that suits architects, builders and developers wishing to provide a truly holistic approach to sustainable design and construction,” said David Bylund, EnviroPark Director – Architect.

“Positioned for use in large or small car park areas, the EnviroPark system uses a highly prefabricated timber frame and column structure. With modules designed to cover three or six parking bays, the design uses Australian made LVL from Wesbeam and can be extended to cover large areas to suit a range of car parking applications.”

“Designed using an offsite prefabrication methodology, the manufacturing process utilises elements of mass production combined with specialist timber craftsmanship with large sections preassembled to make the onsite installation process simple.”

The EnviroPark carport’s ‘butterfly’ structure combines sustainable modern timber design with a minimum ground footprint. The carports also allow unhindered opening of car doors, due to the positioning of vertical posts up to 7.5 metres apart within a typical six bay span. Sites facing east-west benefit from the butterfly design through the deployment of an angled roof for longer solar power generation in the mornings and late afternoons, in sync with peak energy demand and reducing supply from the grid. Single row, mono pitch carports for north facing locations are available in a typical three bay span.

With large scale generation of power through solar energy an increasingly important consideration for future builds, EnviroPark’s solar carports utilise existing parking areas to generate power without sacrificing valuable land resources. EnviroPark has partnered with Gravitas Energy to provide complete carport shade structural systems packaged with solar energy installation. Package solutions include integration of solar PV, with commercial carports, EV charge-points and battery storage.

EnviroPark’s solar shade structure can be ordered as structure only or packaged with solar panels through Gravitas Energy. Electric car charge stations are also available as part of the Chargefox network.


Structural Specification:

  • Timber/steel butterfly flitch beam and column
  • Minimum height: 2.3m
  • Maximum Span: 10.8m
  • Carpark dimensions: 2.5m x 5.4m

PV Solar Specifications:

  • Rooftop area / space: 12.5m2
  • Solar PV / car parking bay: 2.4kWp
  • CEC approved to current PV requirements and compatible with all major PV fixings and panel manufacturers.

See: http://cxudigital.com/

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