ABB robotics 3D printing for construction

ABB robotics: going all in with 3D printing for construction

The 2021 Biennale Architettura in Venice features ABB Robotics 3D printing automation for the construction industry.

Given that overseas travel remains, well, unlikely, for the foreseeable future, ABB Robotics have produced a video of their latest 3D robotic printer at the 2021 Biennale Architettura in Venice (3D printing construction).
And, we’re the beneficiaries of that.

According to a survey commissioned by Robotics firm ABB, 91 per cent of construction businesses in Europe are predicting a skills crisis by 2030, meaning the industry is increasingly setting its sights on robots to build the homes (3D printing construction) and offices of the future.

“The construction industry is at a tipping point,” said ABB executive Sami Atiya.

“On the one side, [there’s] a growing market driven by growth, population, urbanisation – So needs for building; On the other side, a huge structural shortage of labour and skills”.

“The answer lies in robotics automation,” he added.

Watch their 3D printing robot in action here:

According to Atiya, a new emphasis on health and safety and sustainability in the industry is also focusing investors’ minds on robotics.

“Robots can make construction safer by handling larger and heavier loads, accessing dangerous spaces and enabling new, safer methods of constructions,” he said.

“Robots have 3D printed a very large structure of biodegradable material with some seeds,” explained Andrea Cassoni, Managing Director of General Industry at ABB.

“During the entire duration of the Biennale, robots will take care of the installation; watering the seeds, monitoring the environment through advanced technology, sensoring and artificial intelligence,” he added.

It’s hoped the installation will inspire future architects about the broad possibilities of automation for revolutionising the construction industry.


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