BLOXS: Sustainable, customisable premium modular homes made from cross-laminated timber

German modular homes that come with space-saving furnishings and smart home systems launched.

With German modular builder Huf Haus igniting global interest with their smart application of prefabricated post-and-beam architecture combined with full glazing, a sizeable barrier (to most of us) is affordability.

However, a German modular builder, BLOXS, based in Grünwald is manufacturing a slightly more accessible modular home, and they’re made with cross-laminated timber (CLT).

BLOXS specialise in creating customisable, high-quality modular homes that come with smart home heating systems and space-saving furnishings, among other features.

The company was inspired by the need to provide affordable housing on plots of land that sit empty in Germany, and the modular homes are manufactured offsite and transported to the site on a truck, where they are installed within hours.

BLOXS was founded by Thomas Schulz, and with a background in the German automotive industry, “I would say I know what characteristics a premium product should have. And, that’s why I am bringing a premium modular house system to the market with German standards and German high-quality materials”.

Watch a presentation of their modular home

“The idea of BLOXS came from a special situation because in Germany it’s pretty hard to find a building plot.  But when you’re coming to a typical German community or village, there are always some empty plots. Sure, these plots are not for sale, but they are owned by anybody, probably a neighbour.”

They hold the plot, but they will not build a house on it because they will give this plot to their son in 15 or 20 years, which means for the next 15 or 20 years, nothing has been built on the plot. And that’s where the idea of BLOXS came from,” said Schulz.

BLOXS Living 30, the smallest unit available, measures nine metres long and 3.3 metres wide. The newer models are slightly wider, with an extra 0.7 metre.

The 24 sqm interior of BLOXS Living 30 has an open floor plan that includes zones for sitting, sleeping, dining, work, and a kitchenette. The interior is linked together by a discreet built-in wall unit that runs along most of one side of the unit. The newer models are built with cross-laminated timber, making for a more comfortable interior that needs less heating and cooling.

See the interior of the BLOXS modular home

Other green features of BLOXS homes include radiant floor heating included in all models, a computer-controlled solar air heater on the rooftop, and bi-directional charging or “vehicle to grid” that allows electric vehicle charging to go both ways, which can help to reduce energy consumption.

BLOXS homes are clearly premium micro-homes with a price tag to match. The smallest studio-style model costs approximately AUD $221,000, while the largest two-bedroom unit costs approximately AUD $442,000.

Clients can also customise their projects using the company’s online 3D configurator. While the company is working mostly with European customers, it plans to launch a North American location by next year to meet the demand.


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