Bluescope subsidiary to enter the modular car parking sector

Fielders Steel Roofing, a subsidiary of Bluescope, enters into binding agreement with WA-based PARKD for their modular car park Metal Deck Support System.

The construction technology firm PARKD has revealed its entry into Binding Commercial Terms with Fielders Steel Roofing, a division of BlueScope Steel, for the licensing of PARKD’s modular Metal Deck Support System (MDSS) and its intellectual property. (main pic: PARKD modular car parking system being installed at Audi Centre Perth.)

This announcement follows a 120-day due diligence period disclosed in September 2023.

Peter McUtchen, Managing Director, Parkd.

Based in Western Australia, PARKD specialises in the development of modular, multi-storey car park systems that can be disassembled and reused, offering claimed advantages in cost, safety, and productivity.

In a statement issued on February 5, the company disclosed that Fielders would provide discounted supply costs and royalties for both immediate and future utilisation of the MDSS.

“I am delighted to see our invention and IP gain the support and investment with Fielders in such a short period,” expressed PARKD’s Managing Director, Peter McUtchen. “Our relationship and shared vision signifies a critical need for innovation and smart engineering in the construction industry to not only advance efficiencies but keep our workers and contractors safer at work.”

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The agreement includes a 12-month proof-of-concept period starting from February 2, during which PARKD will demonstrate the effectiveness of its MDSS in two projects, including the Audi Centre in Myaree, WA.

“Taking this next step with Fielders, to proof-of-concept on our projects, is a major point of validation for PARKD’s technology and IP locally and internationally,” McUtchen further noted. “Our global patents secured for our Continuously Voided Beams… place us in a very strong position to promote a complete structural solution complementing the Metal Deck Support System.”


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