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Zuru: from toy makers to customised prefabricated buildings

Founded by Auckland’s billionaire Mowbray family in 2004, Zuru currently employs over 5,000 people worldwide. Now, their sights are firmly focussed on delivering customised prefabricated buildings – anywhere.

They’re known for being one of the fastest growing toys manufactures in the world, and since 2014 they’ve been developing a project to completely change the way buildings are designed and built (customised prefabricated buildings).

It’s called Zuru Tech, and they’ve laid claim to creating the world’s first BIM (building information modelling) application that is fully connected to an ‘Industry 4.0’ capable factory to manufacture any prefabricated customised building you want. And, deliver it.

Utilising their free online AI-assisted design software with support by architects and engineers (if required), their first prefabricated building is about to exit the factory.

Watch their BIM showreel here:

The company’s stated aim is to facilitate the design of stunning prefabricated architectural buildings at a price that is affordable for everyone.

See: zuru.tech

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