David Chandler: Building a better future for the Australian construction industry

Chandler to launch NSW construction industry iCIRT rating tool.

August 19 – Decode Group – Sydney

Building a better future for the Australian construction industry was David Chandler’s (OAM) mission when he took on the role of the NSW Building Commissioner three years ago.

A 40-year construction veteran, Mr Chandler immediately stepped up to the plate in the wake of several high-profile failures to set important standards straight and rebuild the battered reputation of our industry.

Over the last few years, he has quickly and efficiently enacted widespread reforms to our industry to ensure developers, builders and clients can confidently operate in a trustworthy environment. These include two new government Acts that require key consultants to be insured and for builders and developers to be held accountable for 10 years after completion for major defects.

Most recently, the landmark successful launch of the iCIRT rating system introduces an independent and comprehensive review of industry bodies. Decode firmly supports David Chandler OAM’s vision for creating confidence in the community and a healthy, robust Australian Construction Industry.

That’s why we’re excited to be celebrating the launch of iCIRT by hosting ‘Building Confidence with David Chandler’ featuring David Chandler as a keynote speaker and participant in an open Q&A panel.

See: https://www.buildrating.com/index.html

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Source: Decode Group

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