Enthusiasm for energy-efficient homes may ignite a surge in modular housing

Modular housing to benefit with demand for energy-efficient homes identified in a report by Make UK Modular.

The ‘Green Shoots: The Future of UK Housebuilding’ report by Make UK Modular has shown public backing for more energy-efficient homes. Conducted by market research company Savanta, the study surveyed 2,300 UK adults to assess their opinions on energy-efficient homes and their readiness to invest in them. 

The findings indicate that environmental impact is a key consideration for six out of ten potential renters and buyers, with 40% of the respondents prepared to pay extra for an eco-friendly home.

Particularly, the younger demographic is advocating for more energy-saving homes. These initiatives align with the UK Government’s commitment to net-zero emissions, aiming to enhance energy efficiency and reduce expenses. Support is even more significant among those aged 18-30, with 66% willing to spend more on environmentally friendly homes.

According to the report, modular housing could be instrumental in developing cost-efficient, sustainable homes with superior energy efficiency, potentially saving households up to £1,000 (AUD $1,900) each year. Make UK Modular, representing modular housing manufacturers, is urging the sector to adopt this building method in response to the environmental emergency.

Suggestions include updating the stamp duty based on energy efficiency, overhauling the Affordable Homes Programme, and revising planning regulations to facilitate the building of greener homes. This strategy could satisfy public demand for sustainable housing and capitalise on the capacity of modular home builders to deliver future homes.

Daniel Paterson, Make UK Modular.
Daniel Paterson, Make UK Modular.

“We are on the cusp of a green housing revolution. This report clearly shows the wide public demand for modular building methods that reduce the costs to the environment and to household budgets,” said Daniel Paterson, director of government Affairs at Make UK Modular.

“We need to see action from the government to allow for these greener homes that not only help reduce the carbon cost of construction but help the household pocket too. Government can help today at zero cost to the Treasury by introducing demand-side reforms of stamp duty rates, reforming the Affordable Homes Programme allocation for modular builders,” he added.

Download the report HERE (pdf)

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