ISO set to develop standards for prefabricated buildings

In sure sign that prefabricated buildings are set for broader acceptance, the International Standards Organisation (ISO) to develop global prefabricated standards.

Following a vote by 17 countries in favour including USA, Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands, the proposal from the Chinese National Standards body has been accepted to develop an ISO standard for prefabricated buildings.

The new standards will establish universal criteria of quality, safety, technical and performance indicators, product standards, sizing of elements and the mechanical processes for prefabricated buildings.

It’s anticipated the new ISO sub-committee will develop standards for standardising the quality of design, materials, processing components and parts, and construction.

Proposed scope for ISO standards

The new subcommittee is proposed with the following scope:

Standardisation in the field of prefabricated building, of:

– general terminology;

– basic principles of design of prefabricated buildings, including integrated design, industrial production and integrated decoration;

– general requirements for geometric and performance of prefabricated building components and connectors;

– general requirements for construction and installation of prefabricated buildings, including hoisting technology and construction process.

See: ISO committee

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