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National Precast Member Snapshot – December 2021

Since 1990, National Precast has grown to become the peak body for the Australian precast concrete industry.

Membership comprises precast manufacturers of all capabilities, across all states, as well as product and service suppliers, industry professionals, tertiary institutions and allied organisations.
As it unites the industry through national members’ meetings and dinners, National Precast empowers, represents and promotes its members.

“National Precast is an energetic group of individuals, passionate about precast, working vigorously to continue the remarkable growth of precast and represent its interests. Join our community and use our services – there’s a lot on offer!”  Sarah Bachmann, CEO.

Project: Botanic Apartments 
Location: New Farm, QLD 
Master Precaster: Advanced Precast 
Industry Supplier: ECOTONE 

Working alongside National Precast Master Precaster Advanced Precast, National Precast Industry Supplier ECOTONE has exemplified the outstanding quality of their colour matching services in the soon to be completed Botanic Apartment complex.  

The precast concrete façade and balcony solution has rendered the apartment building as a standout architectural work for the region. ECOTONE’s specification of a bright white Botanic Stain highlights the angular precast concrete façade, slim-profile glazing and timber accents. 


Project: Celebrating 95 Years of Business 
Master Precaster: Everhard Industries 

One of National Precast’s most recently appointed Master Precasters, Everhard Industries are proud to celebrate 95 years of business. A recent press-release from Everhard Industries hopes to see the continuation of their legacy, with future commitments to new technologies, safety, and sustainability. 


Project: Beyond Hurstville Apartments 
Location: Hurstville, Sydney, NSW 
Master Precaster: Advanced Precast 

Construction continues in Sydney’s South, with an architecturally designed multi-story complex. The exemplary precast concrete facade features graceful curves and a bright finish from National Precast Master Precaster Advanced Precast. 

Project: Gibbons Street Student Housing 
Location: Redfern, Sydney, NSW 
Master Precaster: Advanced Precast 

An innovative use of formliner technologies and finishing techniques has ensured an outstanding faux-brick facade for the currently under construction Gibbons Street Student Housing. 


Project: Astina Suites 
Location: Penrith, NSW 
Master Precaster: Austral Precast 

Due to tight physical constraints of the site and in a bid to improve project efficiency, a precast concrete solution was ideal for the recently completed mixed-use complex in Sydney’s West. National Precast Master Precaster Austral Precast was engaged to supply an innovative double wall solution. This unique product involves the prefabrication and connection of two precast concrete panels to form a services cavity, which eliminates the need for metal or timber studwork. 


Project: Reid Construction Systems Celebrates 100 Years 
Industry Partner: Reid Construction Systems 

Longstanding National Precast Industry Partner, Reid Construction Systems celebrates 100 years of business. As an Industry Partner, Reid Construction Systems have been recognized for an expansive product range including formwork, connection and reinforcement solutions. 


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