Concision prefabricated four bedroom home

NZ offsite builder Concision delivers four-bedroom family home in record time

From inception to installation, the offsite builder announced they recently built a four bedroom, two bathroom house, in just 10 weeks.

Offsite builder Concision built 43 prefabricated panels manufactured in their Rolleston factory in just over two days, they were then transported to the Franklin site and installed in a single day.

Concision chief executive Kerry Edwards said the build was a great example of the speed and affordability offsite manufacturing can bring to New Zealand’s home building sector.

They could manufacture the panels for a standard 150sqm home in about four hours and had the capacity to build 1000 homes a year, he said.

Edwards said the sort of collaboration they had with the property developer, Versatile Pukekohe, could really help to increase New Zealand’s housing supply.

He said that with current capacity, and using offsite building technology, his company could build up to four homes a month.

“The project has also proven that modern prefabrication and speed do equal quality. Any perception that this type of build does not equate to good quality, couldn’t be further from the truth.

“This home has lots of extra features including a ventilation system, a sound system, a Louvretech verandah and extra insulation. The owners, who were handed the keys in mid-December, are over the moon.”

Concision and Versatile are part of the Spanbild Group.


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