Offsite manufacturing company harnesses green investment to scale-up production

Exceler Building Solutions raises USD$5 million to further develop prefabricated exterior building panels.

The “kit of parts” approach for modular construction is gaining momentum among builders and developers as a viable path forward. This approach, which involves assembling standardised components onsite which allows for easier integration into existing construction practices while delivering the efficiency dividends, higher quality outcomes, and earlier completion of the build.

An interesting case study of how offsite manufacturing companies position themselves to harness consumer appetite to invest in ‘green’ outcomes, raise investor capital and scale-up production to meet future demand can be found in a U.S. company called Exceler Building Solutions, who manufacture exterior building panels.

They’ve managed to combine all of the above to raise the necessary capital to fund their businesses growth.

Exceler has raised USD$5 million through what’s called an Opportunity Zone Fund, (a U.S. investment practice where new investments, under certain conditions, may be eligible for preferential tax treatment) designed to invest in the future of green building and the ongoing operations and growth strategy of the company. The Fund is targeted to raise a total of $20 million.

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According to the investment funds pitch: “The prefabricated exterior building panel industry is experiencing explosive growth, making it a highly promising sector for investment. This growth is driven by an increasing demand for efficient, sustainable, and cost-effective construction solutions at a time when there is a lack of skilled workers. Prefabricated panels reduce construction times, minimise waste, and offer high-quality, energy-efficient designs. These panels are factory-produced, allowing for rigorous quality control and customization to meet various architectural and design preferences.”

According to their company profile they manufacture high-quality, lightweight, sustainable exterior insulated wall and roof systems, and precast structural wall panel systems, to meet any design, environment or job site.

“Exceler is open for business and currently bidding on jobs nationwide,” said Dan Metzler, Principal at Exceler. “Our cleaner, greener construction panels offer a faster, less expensive way to build a wide range of commercial and residential buildings. Hazleton, and our location specifically, offers a number of strategic advantages, including both rail and surface access to our markets as well as an ample local and skilled workforce.”


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