Future of Mirvac Homes - Prefab and Digital Design [Hybrid Event]- prefabAUS – Wednesday March 31

Mirvac’s leading prefabrication visionary, David Haller, presents the future of Mirvac’s commitment to prefabrication in this exclusive prefabAUS online and in-person event.

Future of Mirvac Homes – Prefab and Digital Design – prefabAUS Hybrid Event

When: Wednesday 31st March 2021

Time: 4:30pm – 5:45pm (AEST)

Where: Mirvac Office, Level 28, 200 George Street, Sydney

Cost: $25 prefabAUS member
(in-person registration price, strictly limited numbers)

Online: Free digital registration available for prefabAUS members with vaild Digital Subscription. $35 for non-members for digital registration.

There’s growing momentum of the adoption of modern methods of construction (MMC) internationally, and locally, offsite manufacturing prefabricated elements and modules are explored in numerous building typologies and in various sectors of the building industry.
However, in Australia, we are in the nascent stages of the prefabrication of multi-residential construction, and this can be attributed to a number of factors.

At Mirvac there exists a core value and appreciation for innovation and this been the driving force behind Mirvac’s pursuit of improving the way they design, develop and build their Masterplanned Communities. 

In this prefabAUS event presentation, David Haller, National Operations Manager of Mirvac’s Masterplanned Communities Construction division, will provide an in-depth view of the many projects at Mirvac that have been delivered utilising various prefab elements such as bathroom pods and structural wall and floor panels. David will share detailed insights to the various learnings that has enabled a growth in the use of prefab at Mirvac and provide detail on what key factors are important to ensure this form of construction is successful. David will also share some of the detailed data that Mirvac has collected that demonstrates the immense benefit for projects, business and customers, that can be realised from the use of prefab in construction.

David Haller,  National Operations Manager, Mirvac Masterplanned Communities

David Haller is the National Operations Manager of the Masterplanned Communities construction division at Mirvac Group. David has been in the construction industry for over 25 years and has spent the last 19 years at Mirvac.

During his tenure at Mirvac, David has consistently looked to improve the efficiency of the construction business through well planned innovations. Over the past 8 years David has led the Mirvac housing business in adopting prefabrication as a construction methodology to improve all aspects of the construction business through strategic development and implementation of process framework and governance, which has enabled Mirvac to deliver prefab solutions for construction and ultimately deliver higher performing homes for its customers.

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