Timbertruss prefabrication manufacturing plant

Timbertruss: reconstructing construction with their new prefabrication manufacturing plant

Bowens’ owned prefabrication manufacturer, Timbertruss, opened their doors and share their commitment to future of prefabricated building.
It’s 2.36 minutes of compelling viewing.

If you’re interested in the future of prefabrication and how it may be relevant to your next development, it’s worth delaying your next phone call (or sending that ubiquitous “i’ll call you later” response…) and gain an appreciation of the level of precision and efficiency that defines Timbertruss’s commitment to prefabricated building.

Watch it here:

The new prefabrication manufacturing plant provides prefabricated roof trusses, wall frames, posi-Joists, floor cassettes, lift shafts and pre-clad wall frames. Their floor cassettes are largely manufactured using open-web posi joists and lined using timber or fibre cement sheet floor. They also supply pre-clad walls frames with mixed cladding types.

Their suite of prefabrication products are ideally suited for multi-residential developments, multi-level apartment projects and aged care developments.

Craig Whiley, Special Project Manager, Timbertruss, says: “As we get more involved with the builders earlier in their development process I’m looking forward to exposing further benefits through thoughtful design, focusing on offsite manufacture with the intention of providing a more complete product and reducing work required on site. This blends in well with the Timbertruss desire to provide solutions for its customers.

The building industry is traditionally slow to change but there is an appetite amongst some builders to tap into the benefits offsite manufacturer has to offer and Timbertruss is well placed to provide this service.”

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